Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger 124GR FMJ

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Sellier & Bellot offers a wide range of superior performing, high quality and extremely accurate Rimfire, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun ammunition made in the Czech Republic. Whether your sport is hunting or sport shooting or you are just a general shooting enthusiast, you can always depend on Sellier & Bellot’s range of ammunition to deliver the best results. Sellier & Bellot have been producing ammunition since 1825, so when you shoot their ammunition, you will see and feel all their knowledge and expertise fire through.


Full Metal Jacket bullet. Standard lead core with a metallic jacket. Best for training and target shooting applications.

    • Model Number: V310432
    • Caliber: 9mm Luger
    • Quantity: 50 Rounds
    • Grain Weight: 124 Grains
    • Projectile Type: Lead Round nose
    • Casing: Brass

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